Friday, November 20, 2015

Our Big Boy

Every time we turn around Nathan is doing something new.  Seriously, in the past two weeks he has learned to sit by himself, said da-da, got in 3 new teeth, and has started to crawl!  And those are just the biggies!  This is such a fun stage of life.  

Nathan hated sitting for so long, and was quite terrible at it.  Then, all of a sudden, he did it amazingly well and acted like it was no big deal!  Now that he is sitting well, we decided to give the swings at our playground a try, and he loves it!  

Here are some good shots of him sitting independently.  He is really good at keeping his balance, even when he is reaching down to grab something.

And yes, he is still attacking and trying to ingest everything in sight, no matter how big!

We don't have any videos of him saying da-da (he only says it occasionally, and almost never on cue), or pictures of his three new teeth on top (we haven't even tried to wrangle him down to photograph those little nubs), but we have the video of him crawling.  Well, scooting is more like it. This happened Thursday night when he was trying to get my purse, which I try not to let him play with.  I was sitting right by him when I realized he had the purse handle in his mouth.  We wondered how that could have happened because it was directly in front of him, and he can't move that way without crawling forward.  So we tested it and put the purse in front of him again to see if he would crawl towards it and he did!  He has gotten better at it and scoots like a little inchworm to get whatever toy he is interested in.  In related news, Jesse and I are busy baby proofing!

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  1. Like my mother used to say 7 sit, 8 crawl