Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know, so many Hawaii posts already and there is still so much more to share! We stayed right next to Hanalei, which has really cute shops and fun places to eat.

Most importantly, Hanalei has beautiful scenery that you can see while driving in your jeep! (Oh yes we did let the car rental guy talk us in to one!) The jeep made it easier to drive on the rough roads (maybe too easy -- at one point Jesse plowed through a mud puddle so deep that mud splattered in through our open windows!) It was worth it because Jesse had some fun driving this monstrocity around (when it was my turn at the wheel I was more terrified than excited).

While driving around Hanalei we stopped numerous times to sink our feet into the soft and fine sand.

In this picture you can see the famous crescent shape of Hanalei Bay:

Not only do you get great ocean views, but when you look inland, you see TONS of green!

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