Sunday, September 19, 2010


We spent the bulk of our vacation in Kauai and stayed at the Hanalei Bay Resort. Despite its name, the resort is not in Hanalei, but instead in Princeville, which is the cliff area to the east overlooking Hanalei Bay. When we got to our room we were treated with a welcome rainbow (we also saw a rainbow shortly after we arrived in Honolulu).

The view from our room looked even better at night.

The grounds, like all of Kauai, were incredibly lush.

Our room was cute and tiny (note how this adorable resort bed takes up 80% of the room!)

It was a lovely little place to retreat to.

The resort itself boasted an award-winning pool (5 waterfalls drain into this large, winding, saltwater pool), which has unobstructed views of Hanalei Bay. There is also a sand-bottomed section of the pool and a sand-bottomed jacuzzi with its own waterfall.

I especially enjoyed playing in and reading by the pool.

Our resort was not the only one in Princeville. We were next door to the St. Regis (a hotel we would have loved to stay at, but it would have cost five times as much as we spent per night for the pleasure). I heard great things about their breakfast and we splurged one morning. Let's just say we were not disappointed. First of all, the views from this opulent balcony where they served breakfast was perfection.

(This hotel is a big fan of infinity edge pools and fountains).

(Do you see the waterfall?)

We also noticed that rainstorms spontaneously appear and disappear throughout the day.

Aside from the vistas, the St. Regis had the best coffee ever and the most decadent food (I, for example, had banana bread french toast with spiced macadamia nuts on top!) Certainly a treat!


  1. And this is why we bought the timeshare in Princeville. We love Kauai and its our favorite place to go. That part of the island is gorgeous!

  2. The pool looks awesome! And the view from your hotel is super cool.