Monday, September 27, 2010

Kee'e to Hanakapi'ai Hike

Not only did Jesse run a total of 20 miles on our one-week trip, but he also dragged me on a hike. Not a one-mile lazy hike, but a four mile up a mountain hike along the napali coast. I guess this is my punishment for not doing La Luz again this year! Joking aside, it was hard but it was the prettiest part of our trip.
In this picture you can see how close the coral reef is to the beach (which is why you can simply put on a snorkling mask and stick your head in the water and see beautiful fish -- we did that a couple times!)

This is me smilling at the beginning of the hike (less and less smiling occurred as we progressed).

A nice hiker took pictures of us together.

This is me taking a well-deserved break.

In this picture you can see the napali coast pretty well.

There were a number of waterfalls and streams along the way which, although pretty, made the trail slippery and muddy!

See the lushness! (I think a huge theme of our time in Kauai was its extreme lushness!)

After two miles, we made to to Hanakapi'ai beach. Jesse thought it would be fun to take off our shoes and walk along the beach. I thought that was silly because then we would have wet sandy feet to put back into our shoes and hike 2 miles back so I said no thank you! He "made" me walk along the beach with my shoes on though, and made sure to keep me away from the waves . . . or not!

The tide was coming in and some of the waves were really strong and one freak wave came in and drenched us! I ended up with SOAKED shoes, socks, and sand everywhere! To add insult to injury, Jesse thought it would be funny to take a picture of my misery.

The worst part? Jesse's shoes and socks, which I carefully placed on a rock for him, were completely dry. (He was sweet enough to let me wear his socks on the treck back though, so he isn't heartless!).

Here is the waterfall that we had to cross twice (once to get to the beach and once to get back). Amazingly, we did so without falling in!

It was certainly beautiful!

If you want the details (how far, how fast, and an arial map of where we went), click on this link: Kee'e to Hanakapi'ai hike by jessedavidthomas at Garmin Connect - Details


  1. your trip looks like it was a lot of fun : ) SO beautiful!! but i have a question: when you two first started to hang out, we're you going on runs together?!

  2. Wow!!! These are great pictures!! I think the scenary is worth the walking, yeah? =)

  3. Andrea, you got me! I ran at LT Orlando, but only for the sole purpose of spending more time with Jesse (I hated hated it!) And after LT (i.e. after I "got" him) I never ran again! Hmmm, are you implying that I tricked him into lovin me? Maaaaybe.