Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunset Cruise

On our last night in Kauai we took a sunset dinner cruise.
Jesse was at home on our little catamaran, but the long ride and big waves made me queazy at points.
We got close-ish to the Forbidden Island (a super-secret privately owned island).

And saw the Na Pali coast from an entirely different vantage point.

This part of the coast is inaccessable except by boat/kayack.

Cool caves appeared in numerous places (apparently there are dead Hawaiian royalty stuck in there)!

Waterfalls dotted the shoreline.

There is this one spot where a bunch of hippies camped back in the day. They eventually became so numerous that they cause sanitation problems and were kicked out!

Very King Kong with the mist . . . no?

And although the clouds obscured our sunset, the view remained stunning!

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  1. I'm sure that boat trip was awesome (despite slight sea-sickness!) That picture of Jesse against the super-blue water & sky is awesome!